​​The Lexus GS.

For the discerning travellers, this car is the true definition of luxury. Sumptuously wrapped in leather with red walnut woodgrain, the interior is first class comfort. Dual zone climate control will have you feeling at home while the silky smooth V8 engine will take you where you need to go with minimal effort.

Comfortably seating 2 with luggage, this is an intimate luxury vehicle for you and your best friend.

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The Nissan El Grand.

When you need to move the crew in style, this is the vehicle for you.

Capable of taking 6 passengers and luggage, moving the herd has never been easier.

Featuring leather seating, dual zone climate control, moon roof, DVD player, and even curtains! This van has it all. 

The striking chameleon paintwork will keep everyone guessing which celebrity has arrived as the twin automatic doors open.

Hand picked and imported from Japan, this van will surely impress.